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  • Dessous

    Dessous or sexy lingerie: we have to thank to the French people of the 19th century for this and not only for the perfumes. The French passion for beauty has led to the invention of the sexy lingerie for woman.

    To put it simply, the sexy Dessous are that part of the underwear for women not part of the usual basic underwear but considered as sexy provocative, erotic part of underwear. The special materials used such us lace, satin, transparent light materials such as Lycra are underlining the erotic aspect of the dessous. 

    Sexy underwear for the wedding, noble nightwear for ladies or Chemise Babydolls? What will suit me best?

    Dessous and sexy lingerie can be synthetized in one simple sentence: small items with big impact.

    Surfing through the sexy lingerie category in Maiaone website you will find:

    •  Sexy underwear for the wedding: as your big day will come closed you’ll need to be prepared. And by that we don’t mean only the beautiful white dress but also something for the big night, something which will make it memorable. For this Maiaone offers you its big variation of sexy underwear for the wedding night.
    • Chemise and Babydolls: you’re looking to spice up your nights, to bring some adventure in your romantic life? Nothing easier to do than to check our collections of Chemise and Babydolls. Don’t hesitate to surprise your beloved one by trying some of the sexy Dessous from Maiaone Dessous Shop.
    •  Noble nightwear for ladies: if you’re looking to feel comfortable but in the same time to put yourself in the light and to make an unforgettable impression then you are in the right place. The noble underwear from Maiaone will make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

    A sexy Thong, Panties, a delicate Bra, a transparent or a satin Chemise or Babydolls and you’ll control the night. The sexy lingerie is designed to light up the men imagination. As little as it shows, the sexy lingerie unleash men imagination and spice up the romance life.

    Sexy lingerie is made to give confidence. Wearing sexy Dessous makes a woman confident and in control and how cannot be like this? When wearing sexy lingerie made of lace, lycra satin or a combination of them, either Chemise Babydoll or noble nightwear will make you simply the queen of the night.

    Discover sexy lingerie for ladies and much more at Maiaone

    In our Dessous shop you can find sexy lingerie in different variations like nightwear for women as well as sexy lingerie for the wedding. Browse through our assortment and profit with your order from a number of advantages:

    • Big selection: whether tights, stockings or thong– on our website we have compiled the best collections and designs for you.
    • Small prices: good quality does not have necessarily to be expensive - Maiaone offers attractive underwear at a good price.
    • Wishlist: not sure what you’d like to buy to impress your beloved one? Simply add the items to your whishlist and let him chose how he would like to see you.
    • Fast delivery: you cannot wait anymore until you get your items? Maiaone offers a fast delivery. In 2 to 4 working days you will receive your order comfortably at home
    • Cheap delivery:Maiaone is not only delivering fast but also delivers at a good price. With only 2.99 € shipping costs without tracking number is perhaps the cheapest delivery you can find.
    • Various Payment options:We offer you various payments options so that we can please each of you. For details please check our page "Shipping and Payment".

    Do you have any questions about our offer or would you like to know more about our bikinis for light skin? 
    Then contact our customer service - we are happy to answer all your questions!
  • Underwear

    Delicate lace, shiny silk or luxurious satin: Chique underwear for women touches the most different senses. Whether a combination of classic bra and panties or sweet babydoll - with sophisticated cuts and colors, the lingerie flatters every figure and gives the wearer a unique feeling. At Maiaone you will find selected underwear for women, which reflects high quality and tasteful your personal style. Discover in our lingerie shop noble underwear for women, which nestles like a second skin during the day, as imaginative sexy underwear for the wedding or in many other situations.

    Women's Underwear: High-quality and luxurious - Discover noble women's underwear at Maiaone

    Chique underwear for ladies in all sizes at Maiaone: Stand out with our underwear for women in the scene and enjoy absolute comfort!

    Badly lit dressing rooms are a thing of the past - order comfortably from the sofa and find fine underwear for women from leading manufacturers at Maiaone!

    Women's underwear: High quality and in many designs from leading manufacturers

    How do you want your underwear for ladies? High quality and of course to fit perfectly. It should emphasize your body perfectly and provide a real wow effect. Whether playful, sexy, simple or elegant - when choosing our manufacturers for classy underwear for women we make sure that there is something for every taste. Discover our store, among others, the following brands:

    • Roza Lingerie: For the noble underwear for women by Roza you need no special occasion - you can do it yourself. Elegant bras, sophisticated panties and sexy garters are almost too good for underneath. But the lingerie of Roza not only look gorgeous, thanks to the processed materials, the underwear for women is high quality and pleasantly soft. Like the eponymous rose, your beauty blossoms with the models of Roza Lingerie.
    • Gorteks: Absolutely suitable for everyday use and at the same time breathtakingly elegant as well as fashionable chic is the noble underwear for ladies by Gorteks. Put together your dream set from the individual pieces. Especially great: Gorteks specializes in large sizes and not only offers comfortable, ergonomic fit with the bras, but also long-sought fantastic cuts and colors for female curves. Gorteks underwear for women is high-quality processed and inspired with great fabrics and beautiful colors.
    • Obsessive: Just wow! Noble underwear for women for obsessive is just the thing if you want to experience exciting hours. Sexy lingerie in all varieties, elegant corsets or seductive nightdress with lace - with the dreamlike underwear from Obsessive special nights are guaranteed. Obsessive makes sure that underwear for women is high quality and incomparably attractive - experience it yourself!

    Noble underwear for ladies and much more you get at Maiaone

    Exciting elegance or simple, elegant underwear: Ladies will find the right outfit for every mood and every occasion in our range. In addition to beautiful lingerie Maiaone also offers chic swimwear for women - discover for example from Marko great bikinis for light skin. Whatever you choose, at Maiaone you will always benefit from a lot of advantages:

    • Great varietyNoble nightwear for women, hot lingerie or fashionable bikinis - we offer the right textiles for every occasion.
    • Good prices: Here you will find fine underwear for women at very reasonable prices – check it yourself!
    • Fast delivery: So that you can soon feel the quality and the luxurious feeling of our products, we deliver your order as quickly as possible: within two to four business days your noble underwear for women arrives at your place.
    • Secure payment: We offer you various proven payment methods. Choose Prepayment, Credit Card, PayPal, Giropay, Amazon Pay or Instant Payment.
    • Wishlist: You cannot decide which noble underwear for ladies you would like the most? Create your own wish list with us and let yourself be surprised by your loved one!

    Do you have any questions about our assortment? Or would you like to get advice on the selection of underwear for women? Then contact our customer service - we are happy to help!

  • Swimwear

    Summer - sun - sea! Or swimming pool. Wherever you fall into the cool waters: Chic swimwear is one of them and makes you want to enjoy summer fun even before the hot days. Classic one-piece or sexy bikini - in the swimwear for women category is more than usual. After all, you should feel good and enjoy the sunny time to the fullest. Whether bikini or swimsuit, plain or in attractive color combinations and sophisticated patterns - with the women's swimwear from Maiaone the summer can come.

    Chic swimwear for women - for wonderful days at the water

    Discover on Maiaone stylish swimwear for women for your big summer appearance!

    Smart cuts, great colors and fantastic comfort: Marko is a swimwear manufacturer that ensures comfort. At Maiaone you will find the most beautiful pieces of the swimwear collection at reasonable prices.

    Great dressed for a every type of bathing fun - The best tips for women's swimwear

    Admiring glances are guaranteed with the right women's swimwear. Because for every woman there is the swimwear, which conjures in a jiffy a great bikini figure and highlights its own advantages perfectly in the foreground. We have compiled for you the best tips for women's swimwear and show you which bikinis are ideal for which type of figure:

    • A to C cups: Bikinis are the ideal swimwear for women with delicate proportions - best in bright colors and eye-catching patterns. Triangle or bandeau bikinis underline the sporty figure. If you want to spice up the décolleté optically, you should go for tops with embellishments - fringes or ruffles are perfect. Push-up tops make for a nice look.
    • D cups or more:  Also with the swimwear for ladies you need safe, comfortable hold. Here, as with underwear for women, you should prefer high-quality cups with straps and under-bust band and watch out for wide straps. Dark colors and small patterns can slim down as well as minimizer variations.
    • Curvy hips and bottom: The trend continues, there are many curves to do. If you prefer to conceal your hips and bottom, swimwear for the ladies and dark, unobtrusive panties with a high leg cut - this knits your legs. The top you can button up after the look up: Bright colors, eye-catching patterns and ornaments attract the attention you enjoy.

    • Tummy: Absolutely trendy and perfect to hide a small tummy are retro panties that sit very high at the waist. More and more swimwear is also used for women's wear, which optically slims. Alternatively, you can go for tankinis, where the top covers the belly or the classic swimsuit - these are now also available in great designs.

    One last tip for the summer: Do not just commit yourself to a bikini. Also swimwear for ladies can be varied! Especially at the beginning of the bathing season, bikinis for light-colored skin in warm colors are a good choice and can be perfectly combined with other bikini parts after several sunny days. Another plus point: the more different your swimwear is for women, the better the sun can reach every part of the body - conspicuous tanning strips are a thing of the past!

    Stunning swimwear for women and much more - discover the online shop of Maiaone

    At Maiaone you will not only find stunningly beautiful swimwear for women, we also offer a wide selection of attractive underwear and sexy lingerie. Take a look at our lingerie shop and discover fine nightwear for women. How about an elegant night dress with lace for balmy summer nights or a sexy babdoll? Even for the really big nights you will find what you are looking for in our shop: White lingerie for weddings promises tingling hours as a newlywed couple.

    All items in our shop come from well-known manufacturers and are available at incredibly low prices. Browse comfortably from your sofa and order at Maiaone the most beautiful parts for day and night.

    Do you have any questions about our swimwear for women or other items from our range? Contact us - we are happy to help!

  • Nightwear

    Become the queen of the night with a stunning lace nightdress

    Exciting - refined - seductive: you know exactly how to put yourself in the limelight. For dreamlike nights, you will resort to lingerie that emphasizes your preferences and stimulates the imagination. When it comes to sleepwear, too, you want to look good in every situation and feel good all around. An attractive night dress with lace is the ideal choice to inspire not only at night but also the next morning.

    Express your sensuality: A chique night dress with lace is the women's nightgown from its most seductive side and offers a great wearing comfort with the chic pinch of eroticism.

    Seductive lingerie, chique underwear for women or even breathtaking lingerie for the wedding night - Maiaone offers modern women the entire range of clothing in which you will feel completely beautiful. If you decide for a chique night dress with the tip of our well-known manufacturer Obsessive - you are perfectly dressed for every adventure.

    Whether playful or elegant: Obsessive offers the right nightdress with lace for every taste

    A nightdress with lace is not only sexy, but also great and comfortable: unlike some bra, nothing constricts or pinches. Lingerie by Obsessive will wrap you like a second skin, highlighting your preferences in style. Do you fancy a nightdress with lace from Obsessive? Browse through our shop and discover, among others:

    • Harmony: A black night dress with lace and a playful bow appliqué. Particularly attractive is the contrasting upper part. The straps of the cup are adjustable - so the night dress is always perfect.
    • Gloria: With its glamorous sky blue color, this nightdress with lace underlines your personal style. Absolute eye-catchers are the transparent inserts of the cups and the elegant pearl.
    • Ruth: This night dress is made of red satin. Vertical lace trims make your figure look even better, while the integrated straps accentuate the curves of your bust. And since a beautiful back delighted, this dress is low cut and decorated with a charming bow.

    These are just a few examples of a gorgeous nightdress with lace from Obsessive. Browse through our offer and discover many more great night dresses.

    Discover at Maiaone your gorgeous nightdress with lace and many more attractive lingerie and benefits

    If you're looking for fine nightwear for women like a lace night dress, Maiaone is the place for you. We offer you not only attractive night dresses, but also other attractive underwear for day and night. And with our range of swimwear for women you are always dressed smartly on the beach. The Dessous Shop Maiaone offers a lot of advantages for your shopping pleasure:

    • Big selection: Chique underwear for women, gorgeous bikinis for light skin and the exciting night dress with lace are just a small selection of our wide product range. Browse through our range and discover exactly the right piece of laundry for every occasion and every mood.
    • Best quality: An elegant night dress with lace offers pleasure from the first moment. The chique fabrics feel fantastic and offer a great wearing comfort. High quality and best workmanship ensure that you enjoy your night dress with lace and other products from our shop for a long time.
    • Attractive prices: A wide selection of wonderful lingerie and underwear - for many women this is a dream. At Maiaone, you will not only find a large selection of the finest textiles from reputable manufacturers - you will always receive our products at a really low price.
    • Fast and cheap delivery: We rely on DHL to ensure that your order arrives reliably - so your top lace dress will usually be with you within two to four days! And the best: From an order value of 29 € the shipping is free for you within Germany and from 80€ it is free outside Germany limited to EU!
    • Secure payment: As a customer-oriented lingerie shop, we offer a variety of payment options. You can choose from the following variants:

      • Vorkasse

      • Kreditkarte

      • PayPal

      • Sofortüberweisung

      • Giropay

    Do you have any questions about our assortment? Would you like to be advised on the selection of your night dress with lace? Then contact our customer service - we are happy to help!

  • Panty hose

    Tights variety at Maiaone Dessous and tights shop

    At Maiaone Dessous and Tights Shop you can find all types in various colors:

    • Gabriella Tights Black – suitable for big variety of clothes, black Tights from Maiaone Dessous and Tights shop can be found in different thicknesses from 10Den to 20 Den and various sizes. Suitable for business dress to casual wear.
    • Gabriella Tights Neutro – perhaps the most suitable color for all type of clothes as it is simulating the natural color of the skin. If you would like to try 10 Den which gives the most natural feeling or 20 Den Maiaone Dessous and Tights shop offers you every possibility.
    • Gabriella Tights Beige – a variation of the neutral color, beige color is among the most used tights colors. Very suitable to light open dress colors beige tights from Maiaone tights shop comes in various sizes.
    • Gabriella Tights Graphite – by definition graphite color is an exquisite one. Wearing graphite color tights it will match perfectly with a business style or any variations of blue color.

    Elegant Tights Panty hose at Maiaone Dessous and Tights Shop

    Weather you wear tights or you don’t you will obviously want to look and be elegant. But if you do, Maiaone Dessous and Tights Shop have few models that will make a difference between you and the rest:

    • Gabriella Dita 15 Den panty hose: a combination of elastic Lycra, polyamide and spandex, not shiny and transparent in the same time. These tights from Maiaone Dessous and Tights shop will make you a classy lady. The upper part covering your panties has a re-enforced material. The neutral color works with every dress color. Black color it is as well available.
    • Gabriella Gold line 20 Den panty hose: elegance at a glance. For a chilly night or day these gold line silky smooth tights will make you look fabulous while ensuring the comfort you need. Available in beige and black the Gold Line from Maiaone Dessous and tights shop will cover a big part of your wardrobe.
    • y hose: being designed as well for colder times, Gabriella Duna offers you additional options to the Gold Line type. Being matt instead of shiny it also bring the neutral color which will cover your entire wardrobe.

    Not sure what you would like? Check out our entire Panty hose collection and not only

    If you're not sure what tights you would like you can also check our stockings and holds up collection. Additionally to stockings at Maiaone Dessous and Tights shop you can find other items such as bikini Set or Bikini for light skin. Beside this, buying from Maiaone Dessous and Tights shop you will benefit many other advantages beside the product quality such as:

    • Great selection of products: sexy women underwear, bikinis for light skin and the exotic chemise and babydolls are only a small part of our wide product range. 
    • High quality: Our products are made of high quality fabrics and they do feel fantastic and comfortable on your skin.

    • Best prices: don’t believe it? Try it. At Maiaone Dessous and Tights shop you can find perhaps the best report price/quality from the market.
    • Best delivery: tired of paying a lot for delivery? Not anymore. At Maiaone you for only 2.99 € without tracking number you get the cheapest transport on the market and in Germany starting 29 € the delivery is free
    • Safe payment: Tired paying feed while trying to buy something online? Not with us! Maiaone pays all fees so that our customers will get always the best price for their product. No matter the payment option you choose, it is guaranteed that there won’t be any additional cost for you:
      • Vorkasse

      • Kreditkarte

      • PayPal

      • Sofortüberweisung

      • Giropay

      • Amazon Pay

    Do you have any questions about our assortment? Then contact our customer service - we are happy to help!